About The Chef



Hi, my name is Jessica and I have two dogs (Annie & Yadi) and two cats (Joey & Mickey). I am a huge sports fan and especially LOVE cheering for the St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Blues. I enjoy going to sporting events, horseback riding, and spending time with my family and friends. Something unique about me is that I have a rare genetic syndrome called Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome. Some people who have my syndrome face a lot of medical challenges but for me it primarily affects the way I learn. Thus, I was finding it hard to find a job that was a good fit for me. I started Yadi’s Yummies for two reasons. First, I love dogs and enjoy making dog treats. Second, I wanted to find a way that I could help some of the abandoned and abused dogs I see in the shelters that don’t have families to love and care for them. Through your support I can donate to the medical care of these dogs so together we can make a difference.