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Pets Love Our Healthy Cat and Dog Treats in St. Peters, MO

Pet Treats for Every Occasion

When it’s time to reward your four-legged companion, give them a treat with 100% all-natural, human-grade ingredients. Yadi's Yummies offers delicious cat and dog treats in St. Peters, Missouri. Celebrate your dog’s birthday with one of our purple, blue, pink, green, yellow, or white doggie birthday cakes. Maybe you need something to give him every time he’s a good boy? Then you should pick up a bag of our chicken strips made with real chicken. If you want, you can go all out with the All American Basket, which comes with a miniature hotdog, pizza, hamburger, and sack of french fries. Visit our store today. Pets are always welcome!

small cat and dog sitting on animal bed

Yadi's Yummies Uses the Best Ingredients

All our dog and cat treats are made from the best ingredients, with no artificial preservatives, chemicals, or refined sugars added. They contain all the nutrition necessary to keep your furry friend happy and healthy between meals.

Our Best Sellers

Birthday Cakes

Purple, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, or White Varieties

Liver Treats

Beef, Lamb, or Chicken Varieties

Chicken Treats

Strips, Apple, Sweet Potato, and More Varieties

Organic Catnip

Sold in 1 oz. Bags

How Our Pet Treats Make a Difference

While our store is known for providing creative and nutritious treats for pets, we are also part of a movement to make the world a better place for dogs and cats. We always have a rescue of the month featured on our site, hoping to place as many pets as possible with loving owners. We also donate a portion of all purchases to Annie’s Fund, named after our Newfie, who needed several medically complex procedures. Your contributions to Annie’s Fund, via your purchases at our store, help underprivileged pets get the costly medical interventions they need to live a long, happy, and healthy life.

Customer Reviews

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1251 Jungermann Road
Saint Peters, MO 63376



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1251 Jungermann Rd, St Peters, MO 63376, USA