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Your New Favorite Pet Treat Store in St. Peters, MO

Yadi's Yummies is a community-driven pet treat store in St. Peters, Missouri. Our owner, Jessica, was having trouble finding a company to hire her because of her special needs. So, she pursued her passion for caring for local animals. By owning her own business, she could also hire her friends who had the same difficulty finding employment. Together, we provide unique, homemade, and all-natural treats for dogs and cats.

We work with local shelters to help our community’s abandoned and abused animals find safe and loving families by hosting adoption events. We donate to numerous local organizations that provide medical care for dogs and cats in shelters. Whether you’re enjoying the look on your dog’s face the moment they get a treat, or you’re adopting your family’s new best friend, we’re honored to help you bond with your pets.

staff photo of owner Jessica

Meet Our Owner


I’m Jessica, and I have two dogs named Annie and Yadi. I am a huge sports fan and especially love cheering for the St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Blues. I enjoy going to sporting events, horseback riding, and spending time with my family and friends. One unique thing about me is that I have a rare genetic syndrome called Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome. Some people with my syndrome face many medical challenges, but for me, it primarily affects how I learn. Due to that, I was having a hard time finding a job that was a good fit for me. I started Yadi's Yummies because it perfectly combined my passion for making artisanal pet treats with my desire to help underserved pets in our community.

Meet Our Wonderful Team

staff photo of Danni


I’m Danni. I had the opportunity to be one of the first people to join Jessica’s team. I love being part of the team here because it gives me a place where I can learn about running a business, spend time with good friends, and, most importantly, help animals in need. I’m always curious about the pets in your family. When you visit our shop, I’ll probably be the first to ask you a question about your dog or cat. When I’m not at the store, I love spending time with my family, especially my nieces and nephews. I enjoy watching scary movies and scrapbooking celebrities and their pets for hours.

staff photo of Paula


I’m Paula, and you can catch me volunteering at the store every Tuesday, bringing my fresh sense of humor along with me. I graduated from the University City High School and live independently. I keep busy working part-time at the US Bank in downtown St. Louis and serving on the Board of Directors of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis. Still, I always make time for my friends at Yadi's Yummies. I love meeting the pets that visit the store and seeing the connections made by the staff and the customers alike.

staff photo of Tiffany


I’m Tiffany. If your four-legged friend enjoys our treats, I just might have been the one who baked them. Baking treats is one of my favorite parts of volunteering at the store. As a graduate of St. Charles West High School, I am passionate about helping pets in the community remain happy, healthy, and with loving families. That’s what made me want to volunteer with Yadi's Yummies. However, there’s nothing I enjoy more than the faces of pets when my dad and I deliver birthday cakes to them.

staff photo of Brendan who wears glasses and is wearing a striped shirt


I’m Brendan, and I love spending time with all my friends at the store. When I graduated from St. Charles West High School, I started to look for a way to impact others and be a successful member of the community. That’s when I found Jessica and her shop. Here, I’ve been able to grow, gain self-confidence, and make friends with both co-workers and customers. I love meeting your pets and giving treat recommendations!

staff photo of Brendan who has blonde hair and is wearing a red shirt


I’m Brendan. When you come to the store, you’ll see that I’m eager to help you find your way around. I’m excited to welcome you and help you find any items you need. I do a lot of the heavy lifting around the store, so you might see me breaking a sweat from time to time. I graduated from Francis Howell High School, and I am happy to be part of the Yadi Team.

staff photo of Colin


Colin is a blessing to our family. He is learning so many new skills while working at Yadi’s. Everyone there is so kind and helps him to reach his full potential. He has a sense of pride walking into work and seeing his friendly coworkers. Yadi’s allows Colin to have meaningful experiences while working in his community. Colin enjoys bike riding, going on walks, watching Cardinal baseball, and spending time with his family. We feel thankful for the joy that Colin brings to our lives!


Jordan enjoys Missouri history and exploring historical cemeteries in Missouri. He also loves putting together Lego projects and jigsaw puzzles.
Jordan works at CM Products as well as Yadi’s. He said his favorite thing at Yadi’s is measuring out treat bags.


Anna is a fun loving, social person who loves being with and doing for others. She has a big family that she loves being a part of. She likes to write, watch movies, listen to music and dance. She absolutely can’t wait for the days she gets to go to work at Yadi’s Yummies!!IS


Kyle has been a friend of Jessica’s for many years. His love of baking, art and animals made Yadi’s a perfect place to volunteer. Kyle is a master of Legos and is always up to the next challenge. Kyle bowls weekly with his friends and is an avid follower of all things Cardinals, Blues and Chiefs. When Kyle is at Yadi’s he uses his artistic imagination to ice treats.


I’m Sanjana. If you come in on Wednesday you will see me volunteering and welcoming you with a big smile. I love to cook (my mom calls me her little helper), especially baking. Yadi’s offers me the opportunity to enjoy what I love and do best. I have made so many friends here and gained a purpose. Enjoying what you do while having fun with friends, well I could not have asked for anything better. Apart from baking I enjoy painting, swimming, and hanging out with my family. I love to shop and paint my nails and especially enjoy riding horses like my best buddy, “Bunny”.

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